Our services are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy with respect to the use of economically viable and best affordable technology. With a strong understanding of business combined with the flexibility of a number of platforms in our prospective business concept. The company is in a solid position to design and implement a comprehensive solution to meet client needs.


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED has demonstrated consistency, expertise, and professionalism in Marine Logistics and has since built the reputation, capacity, a strong customer base and admirable record of excellent performance in the sector. JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED is now positioned as a first-choice marine logistics company, as such partner with some Oil & Gas Majors, IOCs, NOCs, EPCs, EPCIC companies operating in the Nigerian Upstream, Mid-Stream and Downstream sectors of the Nigerian economy.  

Our core competencies as a marine logistics company include Drilling of Rig, Procurement, Marine Agency Services, Supply Base Management, Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services. These services are integral to our portfolio of Marine logistics solutions and our commitment to excellence is constantly re-enforced to fully and promptly serve the needs of all clients in this segment.


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED deals with constructions and rehabilitation of roads, rail tracks, bore holes, industrial buildings, residential buildings, rural and urban electrification We are committed to delivering quality engineering services that meet our Client’s specification. Handling procurement for projects or material supply contracts, sourcing materials from around the world on the needs of our clients, adhering to the provisions of the Nigerian Content Acts. We follow world-class quality standards in project construction through a comprehensive planning strategy that addresses constructability modalities.


We do procurement of equipment, different type of materials, tools and spare parts (local and overseas). We also supply petroleum products, such Marine gas oil, Diesel (AGO)


We provide experienced and skilled manpower support services for the needs of our clients. We provide contract personnel as well as a local laborer’s, we use our relationship with the local communities to provide direct labor to companies willing to hire unskilled and semiskilled personnel. Due to our expertise, we have pool of contract workforce, which includes: Welders, Fitters, Scaffolds, Plant and equipment operators, Rig deckhands Pipe riggers, Artisans, and also professional personnel like, Production engineers, Civil engineers, Mechanical engineer, Computer Engineer, electrical engineers, Project planners/ supervisor, Instrumentation experts, Administrative personnel.

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