JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED, recognizes that safety and health of personnel and community are core determinants in ensuring the success of any operation especially in the dredging activities. Safety and environmental issues are given priority in the conduct of our business because of our firm belief that:

We stop at nothing to achieve zero accident and equipment failure or damage in all our operations; as such safety and environmental education is part of our staff orientation programme and this is a continual process. Every staff of Joseph Habib Sule Dredging Nigeria Limited (JSDNL) has a personal stake and responsibility towards ensuring that we maintain 100% safety compliance and environmental friendliness in all our operations both on and off field. We achieve this high level of safety and environmental consciousness through the following:


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED places paramount importance on industrial harmony and good working relationship with the host communities wherever we operate. As a corporate body, we have therefore evolved policies towards the affairs of the communities in which we work as follows:


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED recognizes the paramount importance of the safety of her employees, clients and the general public. The company is committed to conducting all her business and operations in healthy and safe manner by consistently applying safety practices, rules and guidelines covering all aspects of our operations comply with our clients' standards and obey all Government rules and regulations affecting our business and operations. As a body of professionals, it is the policy of the company that all services, no matter how small, must be carried out in such a way that:

The company insists on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by all employees to avert health hazards associated with chemicals and equipment. Safety means professionalism. No job is so urgent that we cannot take time to do it right, first time, all the time and safely


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED places high premium on the health and wellbeing of her staff and will do all that is reasonable:


We, at JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED are mindful of the importance of the protection of the environment, and it is our policy that during the course of carrying out our business or operation:


JOSEPH HABIB SULE DREDGING NIGERIA LIMITED as a corporate entity will at all times ensure adequate security of her equipment, personnel and structures using as much as possible, security outfits of proven ability and by inculcating security awareness in the STAFF through appropriate training and encouragement.

We will not shy away from every possibility of cooperation with the other companies in the neighborhood, the Host Community and the State in areas of security, in order to further enhance our general security as above.


Our Quality policy is to: